The CED Denison Organizational Culture Survey

We can help you measure, understand, and/or change your organization's culture using the Denison Organizational Culture Survey. This survey was developed by Dr. Daniel R. Denison and William S. Neale and has been used by over 1000 organizations worldwide. The Denison Organizational Culture Model© is based on a series of studies conducted during a 15-year period. These studies examined the impact of culture on performance, and identified four culture traits that impact organizational performance:

  • Mission - Defining a meaningful long-term direction for the organization
  • Consistency - Defining organizational systems and values
  • Involvement - Building human capability, ownership, and responsibility
  • Adaptability - Translating the demands of the business environment into action

The survey provides a way to link culture to tangible bottom-line performance measures such as your profitability, sales growth, quality, and employee satisfaction. As part of our efforts to continue to add value to Chicago-area small and mid size businesses, our Denison Culture Survey Facilitators can help you apply the Denison Organizational Culture Survey to situations
such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Merger/Acquisition efforts
  • Industry change
  • New Product Introduction
  • Implementation of a new strategic initiatives
  • Customer Service Challenges
  • Organizational Decline
  • A new CEO or Management Team

How It Works
Survey Instrument - each participant fills out an individual 60-item survey, either electronically or paper & pencil, which is returned for confidential input into your company's own data file. A Summary Report is produced for each company and provides a graphic profile, line-item feedback, and prescriptive guidelines for change to assist in an action planning process. The report is reviewed with trained Culture Survey Facilitators at your business site as a way to produce a more effective dialogue concerning your business performance and potential levers for change. (View a sample Denison report in .pdf format).

Next steps
If you have not already made an initial appointment to discuss the benefits and process of taking the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, contact the Center for Enterprise Development - 630-472-9300 or contact us through the web at The CED Denison Culture Survey response form.

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