Certificate in Business Administration Program


CBAP: World's 1st Apprenticeship Program in Entrepreneurship 

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Ed Allfrey, Program Director for the CBAP 



What's New for Spring 2015:

  1. Lean Strategic Planning for quick change across all the functions.
  2. Integrated Digital Marketing to create and grow your brand online.
  3. Corporate Culture Analysis and design that connects every part of the business and develops a performance improvement methodology based on real metrics.
  4. Analytics as a new service, an ongoing process, and the basis for creating the KPI's and performance measurement system that fits the online and global business model... and all the new tools, technology, and training for maximizing cloud computingsupply chain logistics, and every process that your business has been following for years.


Strategic Thinking      Lean Thinking      Digital Thinking      Global Thinking 

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The First Apprenticeship in Entrepreneurship Program to create competitive advantages

out of the opportunities presented by rapid changes in technology.