The Lean Performance Certificate Series

The Center For Enterprise Development in partnership with the Center for Supply Chain Management and Logistics at UIC presents a comprehensive Certificate Series on one of the latest and most significant trends in manufacturing - Lean Manufacturing. The Lean Performance Certificates are designed to initiate and extend your firm’s management and supervisory knowledge base of Lean Principles, Tools, and Practices.

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The Lean Performance Certificate Series provides education on a company-wide lean transformation that expands the use of Lean across the entire enterprise, including Management, Strategy, Information Technology and Manufacturing. Certificates include:


The lead instructor for the Lean Performance Certificate series is Brian J. Carroll, the author of “Lean Performance ERP Project Management – Implementing The Virtual Lean Enterprise.” An Auerbach Publication, Second Edition.

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3 Reasons A Lean Certificate Is Better Than A Kaizen Event

Why conduct Lean Certificates in your company instead of more kaizen workshops?

A comparison between kaizen events and the In-House Lean Performance Certificate Series demonstrates that they cost about the same but the Lean Certificate program delivers the following advantages:

  1. A kaizen event requires company personnel to spend 4 continuous workdays in meetings. The Certificate requires a total of 40 hours of participation per attendee, but only 3 dedicated hours on each of the 8 class days, with the other hours dedicated to team homework meeting, held at the discretion of each team, and readings.
  2. A kaizen event improves a single process, while the Certificate improves one process for each attending team. Over the course of the 8-week program duration, 4-5 teams improve 4-5 processes. A company would need to conduct 4-5 kaizen events in the same time frame to achieve the same results, with corresponding costs.
  3. A kaizen event delivers a process change with minimal knowledge transfer. The Certificate also delivers process change, but in addition, the Certificate sessions incorporate class presentation, class exercise, outside reading and team homework in an educational methodology that delivers knowledge transfer to your teams. This knowledge transfer is the component of the Lean Certificate that empowers your teams to improve processes continuously after the program is completed.

Lean White Papers and Articles for free download.

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Lean Enterprise Assessment

The objective of the Lean Performance Assessment is to understand the factors that need to be considered to complete a successful Lean Performance project. The following is a survey tool that includes questions about the factors necessary to be successful. Administer this survey with the management team that will be (or is) implementing a Lean Performance project in your firm.

The Lean Performance Assessment Checklist has been designed to assist your management team in evaluating readiness to complete a successful Lean Performance Project in 5 critical areas:

Lean Enterprise Future State
Company Readiness
Opportunity to make lean applications
Company capability to become lean
Transformation Constraints

Included here is the Checklist for the first critical area, the Lean Enterprise Future State. Attend the Lean Performance Certificate “Planning And Managing The Lean Transformation” with your enterprise management team in order to complete the entire Lean Performance Assessment. To dowload a copy of the "Lean Enterprise Assessment" please complete the request form.


In-house Lean Performance Certificate Series: All of the lean certificates are available as an in-house program at your company location. On-Site programs can include up to 20 attendees from your company.

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